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Laurie Blackstock

E-Learning Designer and Facilitator

A mind when stretched by a new idea
never regains its original dimensions. - Anonymous

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Helping people meet their potential!

Laurie Blackstock writes, designs and develops e-learning modules and face-to-face training sessions, with a special interest in intercultural effectiveness, international development, physical and mental health. She has developed educational materials, needs assessments and evaluations in a number of countries, including Japan, Vietnam, Malawi, the USA and Canada.

Laurie has a Master of International and Intercultural Management from SIT Graduate Institute (1998), the premier institute for experiential international development education and training in the USA. She also completed the Adult Education course from St. Francis Xavier University.

Laurie helps organizations maximize the incredible opportunities that a diverse workforce offers. By sharing different worldviews and aiming to understand the layers of other cultures, organizations can also learn much about themselves.

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What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul.- Joseph Addison

Laurie designs, develops and facilitates interactive, engaging courses for classroom training or online learning. Working with subject matter experts, Laurie researches and writes course content or converts your documents into plain language.

E-learning and Classroom Course Design

Igniting curiosity

Using Articulate Storyline, Laurie co-writes, designs and develops engaging, interactive e-learning modules on serious subject matter, including culture, gender equality, and mental health in the workplace. She knows how to work effectively with large committees of health professionals, subject matter experts, translators, illustrators, and voice actors.

Laurie also designs face-to-face courses and educational tool kits. In 2016, she was the lead designer for the adaptation of a two-day Basic Mental Health First Aid course for Canadian military veterans and former RCMP.

Since 2006 Laurie has been a regular contributor to the design of Cuso International's five-day course, "Skills for Working in Development".


Instilling wonder

Laurie designs and facilitates opportunities for face-to-face learning and blended learning (incorporating e-learning modules). Since 2006, she has regularly co-facilitated Cuso International's 5-day in-house course, "Skills for Working in Development".

Since 2008, Laurie has facilitated a multitude of cultural awareness courses for embassy staff, the Canadian military and international development volunteers, preparing to live and work in another culture or country. From 2013-2015, she often facilitated a 1-day course that she co-designed called, "Valuing Diversity".

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Primary, current clients are Global Affairs Canada (GAC), Graybridge Malkam, Cuso International and Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Canadian Co-operative Association
Cuso International
Department of National Defence (DND)
Global Affairs Canada
Centre for Intercultural Learning (CIL)
GEOS Corporation
Graybridge Malkam
World Federation of Hemophilia

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Contact Laurie Blackstock to discuss your organization's learning needs. Laurie travels all over North America to deliver courses in cultural awareness and intercultural effectiveness.

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Based near Ottawa, Canada
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